Current working at: Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games – Character Artist
I usually don´t have permission to post pictures of projects that I worked on. Here are some of the projects that I worked along my career.
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Trailer
CLIENT: Plastic Wax
POSITION: Creature artist
 I was responsible for the model and texture of Brumak and Corpse (just the organic stuff, hard surface made by another artist.)
BioShock Infinite TV Commercial
CLIENT: Blur Studios
My task here was to model and texture the horse and the preach´s outfit.
Dishonored Debut Trailer
CLIENT: Blur Studios
POSITION: Character / Creature artist
Halo 4
CLIENT: 343i/Microsoft (LIQUID Development)
POSITION:  Character artist
I was responsible for high res and ingame mesh models and textures of the pilot below (sculpt mesh render):
Ryse – Son of Home
Client: Crytek
Position: Character ArtistResponsible for high and low res meshes, texture,shading,engine integration and LODs of a few barbarians.