Some people asked me about how I organize so many objects, materials, textures files…Well, that kind of character format ( like for cinematics in general) I always try to combine some parts and use the minimal amount of “UV set” as possible. This is a more professional method of working, since in a “real” production , this character would move to other artists (like hte director or scene assemble) to produce the final cinematic, so is always important to simplify this type of thing. In addition to also make my life easier with less files to work:
This model took me 5/6 weeks to be finished:
2,5 weeks for the modeling/uv/zbrush “pass”/ and bakes.
more 1,5 weeks for the textures,shaders, lighting, render…

Sculpt model  rendered on 3dsmax (mental ray)
Z-zbrush head:
Some wireframe shots:
“UV Sets”: